Wolfgang Rabenstein I is part of a multi-part project in which I have dealt with my past, my fears and my dreams. The concept itself stemmed from my thoughts and writings which I wanted to visualize through my work and make them perceptible to others on an emotional level. But as this approaches weren’t that flourishing I decided to fundamentally expand this project in it’s entirety.

Before I started to work on this project I struggled with a deep emptiness inside of me, in which I weren’t able to continue any kind of photographic work. Everything felt wrong. At that time I began with my writings on Confessions of a Dead Poet where I placed myself in the center of my work for the very first time, which subsequently laid the cornerstone for this project.

Wolfgang Rabenstein I is about self-discovery, childhood dreams and fears, grief and sorrow but also about love and hope. It is a very intensive exchange of the artist with himself, past and inner conflicts, a story of never giving up but also of learning to let go, of forgiving and finally finding peace.

The photographs in this story were created on several places related to my past but also current live. Every single picture represents another chapter in my life, which is why in each one a different story, song or emotion can be found.

What’s common to all of them is that they leave room for interpretation, they invite you on a journey so that you’ll be able to rediscover parts of yourself within.